We are working on exciting solutions based on state of the art machine learning for the cyber security and media sectors.

Troy provides adversarial penetration testing services for cyber products. This is basically a semi-automated red-team pentesting tool for products based on ML components such as AV/IPS/UEBA/EDR/DFIR/SIEM technologies.

Helenus provides a service to conduct privatized surveys bot for the public and private sector. It can be applied both to human and machine generated data and can be applied both on premise and on the cloud.

Hecuba provides anti-fake detection services for the media sector. It is a service that provides verification of media content including audio, video, picture and text by using a combination of asymmetric encryption and digital forensic ML.

Hector is a service that leverages adversarial ML to protect the privacy of its users by removing sensitive content from audio, video, pictures and text.

Paris is a service to uncover information leakage of IOT devices like home routers, smart TV, home automation, industrial automation and car ECU. It explores the network to find and map vulnerable devices to information leakage attacks.

Janus is a distributed service that provides face recognition at scale for police and government investigation of suspects.

Tiresias is a service that generate media content for entertainment industries such as TV and video game. The service can be used to generate variants of existing content or novel content with specified constraints.

Juno is a platform to discover and report intellectual copyrights violations related to counterfeit luxury goods. The platform crawls the web to find copycats of known products and learn with supervision from human experience.

Achaean is a platform to develop automated software agents that are able to explore the network with limited human supervision to achieve a desired goal. The agents can cooperate in a decentralised fashion to increase their resiliency and scalability.

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